"Faux Raccord" is a short film that explores the possibility of mistakes as a source for creating new architectures. The film focuses on the central staircase of the building, and changes its perspective.


In 1972, Jacques Kalisz, architect, designed the Administrative Center of Pantin, nowadays used as the National Center for Dance. Considered a major work of brutalism, the building is structured around a central staircase.

By observing these returned images, the viewer discovers a place that seems familiar but just as unknown; in which the stairs reveal new spaces.

A voice, the one of the staircase, tells us his story.

A film Written & Directed in collaboration with Alexandre Humbert


Title: Faux Raccord (Eng: Continuity Error)


Duration time: 3min8s


Music composition: Arnaud Pujol


Production: Collectif 1992 & 14 Septembre

With the support of Royaume des Pays Bas


Thanks to:

Centre National de la Danse

Biennale Emergences

Paul Beaudenuit

Frédéric Bouchet

Clotilde Colignon

Earlwyn Covington

Rachel Spengler

Thibault Eichenlaub

Hélène Prats