Les Ateliers Sud Side, based in Marseille, is a collective of set designers imagining, designing and building machines for spectacular events.


Juggling between metal and wood workshops, archives office and public performances from Les Ateliers Sud Side, I observed and researched about the relation between humans and machines as actors in performing arts. The thesis about this field research is written under a ethno-scenologist perspective to understand the ways for a social and technical transmission of the imaginary.


The illustration below made by Olivier Boussant is the cover of my thesis nammed "Transmission dans le domaine des arts de la rue, le cas de la moto (sens)ascensionnelle Hale-Bopp des Ateliers Sud Side" - Summa cum laude for a bachelor degree in ethnology at the University of social studies of Strasbourg.

Detail from a road map (600x24cm) archiving

the creations of Sud Side since 1995

Experimentation of mechanical poetics

picture credit: François Moura