Object Interview is a collection of one-minute videos about design objects in conversation, investigating how objects exist on their own.


Made in co-production with cultural institutions, ranging from museums to design galleries, publishing houses and schools, the series involves designers and artists from all around the world to reflect on the way we perceive objects.


A long-term project, founded by Alexandre Humbert, in which I'm focusing on the writting, editing and graphism since episode n°8.

Designers: Bas Smets & Eliane Le Roux

Object: Biospheric bench

Episode n°16

What if benches were playing hide and seek?

Designers: Michael Thonet & Shiro Kuramata

Objects: Rocking chair 01 & Pyramid

Episode n°15

What if a piece of furniture was a cop?

Episode n°14

What if a decanter came back from school?

Designers: Verner Panton,

Gaston Eysselinck  & Carlo Scarpa

Objects: Panton chair,

Office chair & Decanter

Designer: Nathalie du Pasquier

Objects: Vaso NDP-10600 & Vaso NDP-10601

Episode n°13

What if a vase was teaching French?

Designers: Marjan Van Aubel & James Shaw

Objects: Well Proven Chairs

Episode n°12

What if two chairs went fishing?

Designer: Marteen Van Severen

Object: MVS Chair

Episode n°11

What if a chair had to meet a therapist?

Designers: Formafantasma

Objects: Zafferana & Botanica III

Episode n°10

What if two objects had a Monday conversation?

Designers: Revital Cohen & Tuur Van Balen

Object: Leopard, Impala

Episode n°9

What if a light was born blue?

Artist: Dan Flavin

Object: Untitled

Episode n°8

What if an artificial light discovers daylight?