The Steam Machine is a mobile cafeteria energetically self-sufficient that gathers the city-dwellers around a healthy and convivial meal.


The units needed to prepare and cook the food can be laid out outside the trailer to create a cafeteria that looks like an open-air laboratory. Vegetables, meats, and fishes are dressed on site. Then, a camping stove boil the water contained in glassware. The steam spreads in bamboo basket above. The food is placed in a basket in one of the steam columns, and the trailer is transformed into a consumption space. The street becomes a convivial place where people like to stop and to eat and the food truck becomes a spectacle by itself.


In collaboration with Élodie Elsenberger, this project is the winner of the Minimaousse 5 contest "My cafeteria in town, reviving public space and inventing new social behaviors" organized by the Cité de l'architecture & du patrimoine and the VIA.



"Quelque part entre Geo Trouvetou et Leonard de Vinci."

Newspaper Libération / 23.10.2013